Balance Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a state of deep and focused relaxation which can be used therapeutically to alleviate unwanted problems, habits or conditions naturally. At Balance Hypnotherapy Nottingham we believe that everyone should be able to live their life free from troublesome conditions, habits or negative thoughts that can be helped with the use of hypnosis.

Our clinics have helped to improve the life of thousands of clients through the use of cutting edge hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. We currently run clinics throughout Nottinghamshire as well as overseeing associates in London and Hertfordshire. Currently in the Nottingham area we have clinics in West Bridgford and Newark-on-Trent.

At our hypnosis clinics we aim to empower our clients so that they can make changes which will allow them to take control and alter their lives for the better. We do not offer standardised treatments instead we work with you to fully understand your problem and then create a tailor made treatment plan especially for you.