Healing and Homeopathy - Plymouth

All aspects of health and well-being are taken into consideration. From lifestyle and family history, to emotional stress and personality traits. The deepest treatment comes when we can trace the cause of a problem back in time, and make the connections between stress factors in life and the onset of illness or difficulties. Being healthy and full of vitality is our natural state. In our natural state the body and psyche are constantly healing and regenerating from within to keep us alive and healthy.

I believe that most illness is caused by an accumulation of physical toxins, and the effects of unresolved emotional stress. This causes our natural healing process to become blocked, and we develop symptoms of pain and dis-ease. I have found that the majority of the work is in clearing this physical and emotional toxic load, and then re-aligning the system. Then, as our levels of vitality naturally increase, our ability to heal ourselves returns.