Southampton Kinesiology & EFT

Gisela* is a Systematic Kinesiologist. Her training in complementary therapy includes a wide range of kinesiological and meridian energy techniques as well as Anatomy & Physiology (ITEC) and Nutrition. Committed to continuing professional development, she attends courses and seminars every year to extend her knowledge base and experience.

Her interest in complementary therapies was first ignited when she was introduced to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and experienced the remarkable results when using it for herself and others. Now she treats her clients using Kinesiology and Energy Meridian Therapies, either in combination or separately, depending on the individual person's needs.

After encountering EFT in 2004, Gisela became a therapist the following year and completed her ASK (Association for Systematic Kinesiology) diploma training in 2007. For over seven years she has treated a broad spectrum of clients with a range of conditions, in London, Oxfordshire and around the country.