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Free 15-minute consultations available. Contact me to book in now. Tui na massage and acupuncture are methods that can be used to treat a wide range of ailments; the styles of massage and acupuncture I practise are extremely versatile. I find any stagnancy or imbalance in the soft tissues and dispel it by gentle stimulation to the circulation with needles, or by separating out the tissues to re-establish a balanced flow with massage. The Chinese medical system is holistic, that is it has a complete view of the body and how it works as an integrated whole. Everything you experience is physical, everything has a cause and effect and every cause and effect can be understood. As well as providing direct relief via the treatment, I give positive lifestyle advice, including indications for diet and exercise. Please call me on 07538 065665 if you have any questions at all about treatments; I'm very happy to give free 15-minute initial consultations.

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828a Ecclesall Road

Sheffield, S11 8TD
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