Apple Tree Holistic Therapies

Hi, I'm Rachel, the owner/therapist of Apple Tree Holistic Therapies. The following is just to give you an insight into who I am, an idea of what led me into the world of holistic therapies and a little bit about my therapeutic outlook and approach.

I decided to become a holistic therapist as, being a working mum, I had become acutely aware of the need for balance in life. I understand what it feels like to end up collapsed in a heap on the sofa, with a cup of tea, half an hour before bed time wondering where on earth the day, (more often week or month) has disappeared to, and I still regularly find myself taking part in the above scenario, the difference is that I have learnt how to balance the hectic part of my life with a more healthy approach at other times.

I have used holistic therapies for many years and strongly believe that they provide us with an essential tool to help create harmony in our lives.