Arunjot Mushiana, Homeopath

Arunjot qualified in 1995 gaining her license as a homeopath from The London College of Homeopathy, and is a member of The Society of Homeopaths (UK's largest professional body) and a founder member of Thames Valley Homeopaths. Since graduating from The College, Arunjot has worked in many different types of natural health clinics in India, South America and Africa, including The Maun Homeopathy Project in Botswana. Now back in England, Arunjot enjoys volunteering for The Travelling Homeopaths Collective at England's summer festivals. Prior to this she worked in mental health services development and advocacy and also served as a Women's Health Centre Co-ordinator for a charitable health promotion organisation providing Complementary and Alternative Health treatments in inner city London. She continues in her commitment to community service as a Health and Social Care Adviser.