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In hypnotherapy, most people are usually wide awake and therefore aware of being in total control of the situation. During hypnotherapy, a subject will often lend control to the hypnotherapist, but it can be taken back at any time: a good therapist will make no secret of this. Contrast this with a stage hypnotist who tries to persuade people of the opposite. There are many strange ideas about hypnosis, some of which lean towards the realms of myth and magic.

Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation which was misleadingly named: "hypno-sis" implies being fast asleep which is usually not so. The hypnotic levels of consciousness cover a range of awareness states about halfway between full alertness and sleep. So it's a perfectly natural state through which you pass twice every day: when going to sleep and when waking up. Whatever gets in your way hypnotherapy can help.