Chalice Leaze Clinic

Chalice Leaze Clinic is my professional acupuncture practice dedicated to delivering the benefits of ancient Chinese medicine in a beautiful, traditional setting. The clinic is housed in Chalice Leaze, a classic 18th century dwelling in the heart of Glastonbury, Somerset which graces the lower slopes of the legendary Chalice Hill and enjoys views of the historic Glastonbury Abbey estate. A doctor's surgery occupied this elegant Georgian residence for many years and it is here that I now give acupuncture treatments to those seeking my help.

Taking an integrated approach with 20 years experience as a nurse in conventional medicine, and 10 years in Chinese Medicine, I offer traditional acupuncture as a contemporary healthcare choice to those in my case load. Having helped many people feel better and lead more fulfilling lives, I dedicate my vocation to the improvement of acupuncture practice within the UK.