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All our practitioners are fully qualified in both western medicine and TCM and all have worked as senior consultants in Eminent teaching/research hospitals in China before coming to Britain.

They treat a wide range of medical conditions using lose herbs, herbal granules and capsules, acupuncture, massage and moxibustion. For skin disorders an exclusive range of over 20 granular prescriptions imported from China.

A treatment plan will be discussed at the initial consultation, giving you an estimation of the likely length of treatment. Generally a patient will be required initially to visit the clinic on a weekly basis. Once the condition has stabilised and is improving, fortnightly then monthly visits can be arranged for patients taking herbal treatment. For acupuncture and massage twice weekly visits may be necessary initially.

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Services Provided In Our Clinic

Services Provided In Our Clinic

Tui Na Massage:

Tui Na Massage riginated in China where hands instead of needles are used to stimulate the acupoints. It has a similar effect to that of acupuncture. Tui Na massage is more vigorous than normal massage and is practiced by qualified doctors at our clinics. When combined with acupuncture, it often achieves better results.

Herbal Medicines:

Herbal Medicine is plants, minerals and other natural ingredients, prepared and processed in certain ways and used in the treatment of a wide range of complaints.


Moxibustion combines the effect of heat and herbs and is often used in conjunction with acupuncture. It involves the burning of a moxa (a herbal stick or cone) and is applicable to a range of conditions.

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