Chinese Medicine Clinic

We were motivated into Chinese Medicine at the beginning of the 1980's by what was then a growing awareness of the vast amount of medical knowledge China had to offer. Our approach in the clinic is practical, well grounded in Chinese literature and the actual Chinese practice as well as the huge benefits of the integration of Western and Chinese Medicine.

Simon initially studied Plant Science before gaining a First class degree in Philosophy. His interest in plants, medicine and the philosophy of science led to training in Chinese Medicine for 3 years in acupuncture and a further 2 years in herbal medicine. He has now been practising for over 20 years. Simon reads medical Chinese and has published articles on Chinese medicine and the philosophy of science as well as teaching on some unusual areas of interest such as kidney disease.

Jennie worked with children and adolescents as a psychiatric nurse before living and working in China for two years as an English teacher.