If you are looking for a holistic way of treating ailments and diseases, then you have come to the right place. We offer compassionate healing through homeopathy, diet and nutrition advice and food allergy testing services. Whether you have been recommended to us or you are looking for alternative therapies for your ailments, we can help you with your physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. We have experience in working with ailments such as allergies, arthritis, IBS, pregnancy related conditions, childhood ailments, anxiety, menopause and grief (to name but a few). Homeopathy gently and naturally stimulates the immune system to heal itself. It can be used for many conditions and is safe for pregnant mothers and their tiny babies through all walks of life to our wiser years. Dawn also runs workshops and 1 to 1 personal meditation lessons. For updates, tips, special offers and news, please sign up to our newsletter using the contact form.