EFT, Reiki, Meditation & Holistic

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT is a healing energy psychology based on a combination of the ancient principles of acupuncture (without the discomfort of the needles) and talk therapy. It is a simple to learn and non-invasive procedure that gently re-aligns the body's energy system when specific meridian points are stimulated (tapped on) on the body and unlike many other therapies, you can learn this technique to use on yourself at any time, anywhere in the future. The body is made up of meridian lines. When we feel discomfort as a physical symptom we can be sure there is a blockage within our energy system. By percussion tapping on particular energy points of the body, and at the same time focussing on the negative emotions which may be contributing to the physical symptoms, those energy blockages are shifted. It's all about releasing and letting go. During EFT sessions, we work on meridian energy points on the upper torso.