Elizabeth Martin

There was once a little hummingbird. He lived with other animals in the forest. Once the fire started to consume forest. All animals came together to look at the fire, but they just stood. The little hummingbird said: "I will try to do something with that fire." He took a tear of water from surrounding stream and dropped on fire, repeating his actions constantly, going as fast as he could. Others, bigger and stronger animals just had a look, kept helplessly and said to the little hummingbird: "Do you think that you can do something with that fire? You're a small bird against big fire. You have small wings and beak, carrying only a small drop." Everyone just tried to discourage little hummingbird, working hard to make something. Then the bird said: "I am doing the best I can."

That story is summary of my work - I chose my profession to dedicate my life to help others and as complementary medicine practitioner, I believe that even a one small change my reset up whole energy of the universe. I tried with drop and maybe one day bigger animals will see my actions and will do the same. I am trying to organize as many as possible social actions to support the local community, including Autistic children, providing free fitness classes and free Mindfulness.

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