George Monkhouse Acupuncture

I practise acupuncture in clinic in East Dulwich (SE22), and throughout London at homes, businesses, hospitals and hospices. By looking at all areas of your health, lifestyle and diet, no matter your current condition – we can dramatically improve your quality of life through enhancing balance, harmony and vitality.

In the West we have a symptom-based medical approach. In many areas, including surgery and medication, it can create strong changes that are extremely valuable. Yet many patients feel that the treatment is limited to fighting the disease and its symptoms, and fails to take into account the overall well being of a patient in all areas of life.

In acupuncture, the disease is not a phenomenon in itself, but an indication of the well being of the whole individual and whether our daily habits and diet help promote or impair that well being. This clearly gives acupuncture a more holistic view that offers something more, and supports symptomatic medicine in a different way. Neither is superior, they are mutually complementary. Moreover, acupuncture has been shown in research to decrease pain and increase natural immunity and vitality. As such, it can be argued that acupuncture helps prevent ill health occurring in the first place.