Hollie Jeans IIR MAR

My interest in natural therapies comes from having battled chronic fatigue for many years, where various complementary therapies have helped me take charge of my health and wellbeing. This experience and my belief in treating the person as a whole - and as an individual - has led me to practising the wonderful therapy of Reflexology. I am also passionate about real beauty therapy and using products that are genuinely good for the skin as well as the environment. With all my treatments, I choose products that are the highest quality, 100% natural and organic where possible.

Even my towels are organic! Having been a devotee of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care for almost a decade, I am thrilled to be a stockist and offer the One Hour Facial treatment. Dr. Hauschka is a truly unique brand, not only are their preparations second to none but their philosophies, ethics and respect for mother earth make them special. True beauty is within us all and individuality should be celebrated.