Homeopathy Direct

Dawn shares her passion of homeopathy and natural medicine with her role as a pharmacy dispenser at Celtic Point Pharmacy, Worksop. Dawn has worked in pharmacies for over 40 years and has trained in homeopathy for 16 years. She formerly managed the Apothecary in Wickersley, Rotherham, South Yorkshire. The Apothecary, owned by the Co-op, stocked herbal tinctures and over 7000 homeopathic remedies in various potencies which it supplied to Homeopaths and the public.

When the Co-op closed the Apothecary in 2010 to concentrate on its dispensing Pharmacies, Dawn took over and continued the business with the goodwill from the Co-op in order that the customers could continue to obtain the homeopathic remedies they found so beneficial. This in effect meant "business as usual" to the customers. They could obtain the same product from the same person they knew and trusted, only the phone number changed.