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I have a degree in Psychology and trained for two years to become a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. For over 20 years I have worked privately from home and for nine years I worked as a Practice Counsellor in the NHS at two doctors surgeries. Having experienced the emotional effects of loss I became a voluntary CRUSE Counsellor for seven years and still work as a Bereavement Counsellor for a local Funeral Director

As part of my ongoing commitment to continuing professional development I studied life coaching in America and at present I am studying Nutrition. In addition, because of my personal interest, I am taking a course on Hypnotension which uses hypnotherapy to help reduce hypertension, raised blood pressure.

I also think that giving people the tools and resources to help themselves is important and so I have produced a range of CDs and books which will help them achieve their desired results.

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Improved Well-Being

Improved Well-Being


Stress is what we experience when we are unable to cope with the demands placed upon us by ourselves, others and situations. When pressure is placed upon us the effect created is stress. Therapy helps to teach you how to cope with the demands either by reducing them and/or gaining resources to manage the stress. In other words therapy helps to take the pressure off you so you feel happier, more in control and able to enjoy life.


We become anxious and worried when we are apprehensive and nervous. Our body tenses up and breathing is more rapid. It can happen when meeting people, doing a presentation at work, going for an interview, waiting for results and being in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable. Techniques are taught which help to relieve the anxiety and ways are found to deal with the triggers, situations and people that cause the anxiety.


Can be characterised by low spirits, feeling down, or diagnosed as clinical depression when more serious. Depression can be a reaction to what is going on in life; emotional needs not being met; feeling trapped in a situation, loss of control, or in some cases a learned behaviour. Depression leads to withdrawal although mentally there is a lot going on. The main focus of therapy is drawing the person out, to stop negative introspection and to lower whatever causes the emotional arousal. It is as though a weight has been lifted off you.


Fear is characterised by an emotional feeling of dread or apprehension due to something that causes you to be afraid. It is a distressing emotion aroused by an impending danger, someone or something is causing you heightened fear and dread. Anticipation can be worse than reality. Whether the threat is real or imagined the reaction is the same. Therapy puts things into perspective and deals with the emotional effects helping you feel calm, relaxed and able to deal more effectively with problems.

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