Kate McIntosh

Kate McIntosh, who was born in Stirling, is insightful and enthusiastic about Homeopathy. She has life-long experience of it as a system of natural medicine and seen it help thousands of sick people and sick animals. Health using Homeopathy-the solution to your health problems with “pure” and painless homeopathic medicine.

Kate offers a Natural Health Service in her friendly and relaxing clinic, which includes dietary advice as and when appropriate. Homeopathic medicines stimulate the natural functions of the body by cooperating with nature and enabling the body to heal itself. Homeopathy doesn't treat a labelled disease, which you have because you are out of balance and your immune system is not functioning-it treats YOU as a whole person. Homeopathy is a very individual system of medicine and it is the energy medicine for now in the 21st century! Been used for at least 200 years!!