Kernow Chiropractic Clinic

I enrolled in 1991 at Europe’s only chiropractic college – AECC, which is a prestigious ground breaking institution with its own research faculty for the UK profession, dissection labs, ex-surgeons teaching anatomy, neurologists teaching us about the nervous system and an array of exceptionally skilled chiropractors from around the world.

I arrived in the UK with little money and hope alone, for what was then a private education. Having qualified in 1995, I moved with my wife and a very large student loan to Penzance, tempted by an ad about surfing and having a healthy country lifestyle, as opposed to city work. I have a strong drive about chiropractic and a passion for sharing its message of natural health, so starting a business where chiropractic was little heard of was an adventure.

As chiropractic is a drug-free approach to optimum spinal health and wellbeing, coming from South Africa where I witnessed sangoma (african tribal medicine) on one hand and western medicine on the other, I felt chiropractic was the optimum middle ground between these professions, where I could work with my hands naturally, yet in a medical type setting.