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It's a non invasive therapeutic bodywork approach that treats the entire body, mind and spirit from a place of inherent health and wisdom rather than from a position of disease or illness. Rather than manipulating muscles or fascia or attempting to impose anything on the body, the inner wisdom of the body is allowed to express itself so that the natural reorganising forces of the body can be allowed to heal the person. Craniosacral therapy works with tissue, bones, organs, membranes and fluids as well as meridians, chakras and non physical bodies (etheric, emotional, spiritual, karmic and astral). In this way it is natural, safe, non invasive and holistic.

The session takes place lying down, fully clothed on a treatment bed. There is nothing you need to do at all. I place my hands lightly on various parts of your body starting at your feet, and begin to witness and create space for the patterns that your body is showing. These patterns occur at all levels, from bone to fluid, from mental to emotional, from obvious to subtle. These patterns reflect your story. By offering a space of non judgement the story can be told and the story can be changed. In this way, patterns of restriction do not meet the ordinary resistance that they typically do, and can reorganise.

Most clients feel very relaxed. Often they fall asleep or enter a dreamy state between sleeping and waking. Sometimes emotions can come up and come clients may notice a range of sensations occuring in their body (hot, cold, tingling, movements, numbness, heaviness, lightness etc). In sessions where there the body is releasing a lot of emotion there can be physical movement such as shaking, twisting, curling etc. Often new insights pop up, perspectives broaden and new ideas flow in. It really depends on the individual person and their individual life experiences.

Again it depends on the person, the session and the type of work that has taken place. Clients often report feeling lighter, calmer, more relaxed, more positive and clearer. Tension, body pains and constrictions may have disappeared. You could feel more tired / thirsty / emotional / energised than normal. Feel free to have a read of client testimonials. I ask all my clients to be as honest as possible about their treatment experience.
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14 St Margaret's Avenue

North Finchley, N20 9LJ
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