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I was born sensitive. As a child, I was very shy. I was confused about the nature of reality and how to be on Earth. I used to suffer from terrible nightmares and be scared of going to sleep. I shut all of it down in childhood and learned the magic trick of dissociating, really from everything. I was pretty sure I did not exist.

The realm of rational intellect seemed a good place to hang out. I was interested in truth and the nature of the world and the big existential questions. I was a high achiever at school but didn’t really see the point of it all. I lived life as an observer rather than a participant.

My background is in academia. I trained as a research scientist - what better place to hide. I started a PhD focusing on human thermoregulation but ended up leaving it and working with people with high-level spinal injuries. I learned that life can change in an instant. Health is precious. I have worked with disabled people for most of my adult life.

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11 Sholebroke Terrace

Leeds, LS7 3HF
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