This 8-week course is based on yoga, breathing, meditation and deep relaxation and teaches your qualities to become mindful. One of the most important qualities is 'letting go' as can be shown as follows: in India monkeys are caught by placing a banana in a coconutshell.

When the monkey grips the banana it is caught. Just by letting go of the banana it would be free again. Likewise you can free yourself by letting of your emotional and material attachments. Stretching allows the body to release tension, enabling free flow of energy throughout the body.

When in stress, pain, etc. we seldom just experience the original stressor. In time we have added to this our aversions, anxiety, fear, etc. which increased our distress. By just focussing on the stressor we can let go of the accumulated discomforts. In time we might be able to transform the original stressor into a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block.