Newlands Park Natural Healthcare

Doctors can often tell you WHAT is wrong with you, but I aim to find out WHY you have your symptoms and/or allergies. We are now live in an increasingly toxic world our immune systems have become compromised and we are developing adverse symptoms. By addressing the root cause of the problems, I can look at bringing about a curative response, which is not drug dependent. Using kinesiology (muscle testing) I will test you on a wide range of environmental pollutants, bacteria, viruses, food, electromagnetic stress, geopathic stress etc.

Once I have identified your sensitivities we can formulate a plan to avoid future adverse reaction. This may involve a process of de-sensitisation using acupressure points. This is a painless process, which does not involve the use of needles, which I have found to be very useful. I also use Bio-Resonance, which is a very hi-tech and modern way of assessing which organs need harmonising using the Rayocomp PS1000.