Nirvana Wellbeing Centre

It is taken from all the ancient philosophies especially in the east that a person needs to look at their WHOLE self to address symptoms and illness. This means mind, body and Spirit as a unit that can affect every aspect of our well being. Eastern cultures and religions have believed for thousands of years that you can not possibly separate these three in treatments for any illness, pain or discomfort. Taking herbs or western drugs can only mask the symptoms most of the time.

This approach does not BALANCE the WHOLE person AND THEREFORE only DISSOLVES SYMPTOMS. The word DISEASE should read DIS-EASE i.e. when the person is not at ease OR imbalanced, symptoms or illness follows. Q. How many times let's say have you realised that a pain, maybe in your back suddenly becomes less painful or even remarkably better once you have had a good day or you have eaten and rested well?