Summertown Clinic

Summertown Clinic is Oxford's longest established Osteopathy and complementary therapy, and has grown since David and Kerry based it in Summertown in 1975. Ahead of its time, Summertown Clinic became one of the first practices in the UK to have several different complementary and alternative therapies (CAM) under one roof.

This idea of a ‘family of various therapists' all working with a common purpose, to help the many patients who sought relief from a range of different conditions, is now literally the reality as more recently when in 2004 and 2006 their daughter Jo Ruddick, and son James Ruddick joined the practice.

The Clinic benefits from this feeling of family and our patients enjoy a more relaxed and homely experience than the sterility of other practices. We owe much of this to our reception and management team who work hard to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome.