The Acupuncture Practice

At The Acupuncture Practice (in York), I also want to know what is troubling you, and will listen as you talk about your symptoms. I will ask other questions about your health, and examine your pulse and your tongue. While I'm doing this, rather like the GP does, I'm sorting the information you give into the patterns that Chinese medicine considers ill health, and identifying the ways in which these patterns interact in you to give rise to the symptoms you are experiencing. It is this diagnosis that I use to identify the best treatment for you.

Your diagnosis in Chinese medicine is specific to you. Two people with a diagnosis of, for example, migraine may each have a very different Chinese medicine diagnosis, and therefore different treatment.

Once I have made a diagnosis, I decide on a treatment strategy for you. Treatment for you may include techniques such as massage or cupping; tailored suggestions about your diet and the exercise you do, as well as acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine.