The Upminster Complementary Healing

The Upminster Sanctuary offer a range of holistic therapies which complement conventional medicine and help the sufferer feel good and be better able to cope with daily living. Whilst the treatments are effective in themselves, the impact is greatly enhanced because the client receives one-to-one undivided attention in a safe, confidential environment. To be listened to, valued, and to find someone who really cares can make all the difference to a rapid recovery or when facing a chronic condition.

However, these therapies are complementary and should not be used as a replacement for traditional medicine. It is important in the case of serious illness that you consult your GP before embarking on a course of treatment. Accessibility: There is ramped access into the Sanctuary and all therapy rooms are on the ground floor and accessible to wheelchair users or persons with a disability. We build caring relationships with our patients, spending time in an unhurried, relaxed atmosphere.