Veda West Medical Herbalist

My interest in herbal medicine stemmed from a young age. I remember my mother using comfrey root ointment on us when we were kids to heal bumps and bruises (I was a clumsy child!). I was unfortunate enough to lose my father to cancer at a young age. It was then that I decided I wanted to take charge of mine and my family's health using alternative medicine. Using natural medicine to nurture the body and to heal holistically resonated with me, so I read a lot about nutrition and herbal medicine. On gaining my A-Levels I decided to pursue art - a subject I am still deeply passionate about. However, soon after gaining my degree I felt drawn back to herbal medicine. Now I am fortunate to have gained the skills and experience to help others. I wholeheartedly believe that optimum health means looking after the mind, body and soul.