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Wellforce is an established private clinic in a quiet leafy street near the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, the University of Sheffield and Sheffield city centre. We offer an extensive range of integrated healthcare services including acupuncture, counselling, homeopathy, massage, nutrition, osteopathy and psychotherapy.

Wellforce is open to everyone, whether insured or not, as we offer competitively priced fixed cost treatments. Select a treatment from the dropdown menu above for more information on our treatments.

Wellforce is run by a board of Directors who use all profits to support low cost treatments and programmes targeted at those people who wouldn’t normally be able to access or afford such services. We serve Sheffield and South Yorkshire, promoting the benefits and use of complementary and alternative treatments to the wider community.

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A Catalyser

A Catalyser

Our western cultures have been putting a lot of emphasis on developing our left-brain abilities: cognitive, logical processes, working things out with our minds. The intellectual intelligence deserves respect for the countless discoveries, inventions, knowledge that it has brought. However, it is not sufficient when navigating through our modern, complex realities - making decisions based on indefinite choices, and coping with volatile emotions that arise. Those require a different type of intelligence - the wisdom that we can access through our "right-brain".

If we desire to feel fulfilled and thrive, those “two brains” have to work in balance and be lined with our hearts. We constantly transition, evolve and grow - whether we are aware of it or not. Life continually invites us to be more, to achieve more, to go deeper... We can either resist the process (and by resisting it, learn it the hard way), or we can participate in it consciously and transform all our experiences into learning opportunities.

If we approach everything from the position of "how is it helping me", we can navigate our journeys with curiosity and excitement. The more is always there to be discovered!

The Catalyser is a unique approach to understand and master the process of transition. Underpinned by positive psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, mindfulness, shamanism, philosophy and quantum physics, the Catalyser brings radical improvements and positive changes into your life.

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28 Wilkinson Street

Sheffield, S10 2GB
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