Zoe Greenwood Body Therapies

Therapeutic body treatments are becoming increasingly important as a way of restoring and maintaining optimum health. It is especially hard in today's society to devote enough time to oneself - the time to rest, to heal and to repair.

Aches and pains are the body's last resorts, telling us that we need to take time for ourselves, slow down and that there is something that needs attention to heal and restore balance though out the body. Zoë's body therapy treatments will help to do just that.

Zoë has an ITEC diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage, studied and practised various massage techniques, is a qualified Bowen therapist, and Aromatherapist and works with energy healing techniques. Having a natural interest in complementary therapies and living a healthy organic lifestyle compliments Zoë's work ensuring you receive the maximum benefits from your chosen treatment.