I have been suffering from chronic eczema all my life and I now have been suffering from nodular prurigo for a year. My body is literally covered in sores that constantly burn and when it heals up it leaves a purple lump that inevitably gets itchy and scratched off into another sore. I have white lumps around my eyes now and acne on my forehead and cheeks.

I am doing my best to eat as healthy as possible I have tried a herbal parasite flush and other things such as coconut oil and colloidal silver. I’m also reducing alcohol but nothing seems to help.

I have been seeing a dermatologist for 3 years now and they don’t seem to do anything to help me, I don’t have much money which is why I haven’t tried this out yet but I’m looking for some alternate help as I feel the medical industry has failed me.

I hope to hear from you soon.