Ashlins Natural Health

Our dream is to make known to everyone the great benefits that can come about through the use of natural medicine. Ashlins Natural Health has been helping people in Walthamstow discover Complementary Health and Natural Medicine since 1994.

But you don't have to be ill! Many complementary therapies are also well known for their preventive medicinal effects, for stress relief, relaxation, and for that great feeling of being pampered. Our story began in the early 80s, when faced with a long-term family illness, Ed Housden (Co-Founder) and his wife began to study allergies and sensitivities.

Eventually coming to realise the amazing importance of what we eat, all of the family changed to a wholefood diet and cut out foods each were sensitive to. To assist with sensitivity testing they joined one of the early Kinesiology muscle testing courses in January 1987.