Cheryl Colpman

Well-being is, naturally, about being well, but also having ease of movement without pain, good digestion, healthy weight, strong and healthy immune system, plenty of energy and so on. A Holistic approach means considering the whole picture, you as a person rather than just the bits with the symptoms.

When you come to see me as a new client the first appointment is 90 minutes long to give us plenty of time for a consultation and then your treatment. The consultation process is important as it provides the opportunity to discuss why you'd like a treatment, your health concerns and to ask any questions about the therapies.

From what you tell me during the consultation and subsequent updates I will be able to tailor the treatment (or type of treatment) to your needs. My job is to help you to relax, feel well, improve and maintain your health. When you feel well and relaxed with plenty of energy it shows on the outside.