Kerala Ayurveda Centre Leicester
Of course you know that, in order to live well, you should choose a healthy lifestyle and make sensible choices about what you eat. It is recognised by the many GPs who refer their patients for
Anna-Marie Clark
Anna-Marie is an experienced complementary therapist, working on a mobile basis in the Melton Mowbray, Rutland and surrounding areas*: bringing relaxation to you, in the comfort of your own home.
Dr. Jin Traditional Chinese Medicine
Welcome to the Ashby Acupuncture Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre website. We are the only Traditional Chinese Medicine practice in Ashby, located in the Heart of Leicestershire. We offer a
Therapy Station
At Therapy Station in Hinckley, we are an established complementary therapy clinic specialising in techniques such as hypnotherapy, acupuncture and much more. Situated near Leicester in the quaint
Aromatherapy Leicester
We hold REGULAR Reiki and treatment share events as well as entertainment mini event evenings for half price mini treatments, readings & therapies. Angel Sourced Holistics invites you for the
Quorn Chiropractic Clinic
I have been established as a chiropractor in Quorn since 2001, and in full time practice in the Loughborough and Leicester area since graduating from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic (Oxford) in
Highbury House Holistics
Take time out for massage, reduce stress levels and receive massive health benefits, whilst promoting a fresher, more radiant you. It's that easy. Reap the rewards by making small adjustments to the
Dr Of China
Dr Chang is a fully qualified specialist of Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) practitioner. He has more than 30 years experiences of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. He was educated in the
Acuherb Chinese Medical Clinic
As a graduate from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the oldest and most reputable Traditional Chinese Medical schools in China, I hold the equivalent of a bachelor degree in
Paul Richards Healing Haven
Reflexology is a natural holistic therapy based on the discovery that there are points on the hands and feet that correspond to the organs, systems and structures within the entire body. This
Back To Health
Back to Health, run by Alison and Mark Leason has been established in Leicester since 1989. The experienced, friendly and supportive practitioners value good communication and active patient
Chen-Hui Chiu Acupuncture
I was born in Taiwan and have practiced Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in the UK since 2002. I really enjoy my profession helping people regain and maintain their health and vitality- in many
The Sacred Voice
The Sacred Voice was founded in 2010 by Sarah McCarthy with a desire to create a space in which a person can develop their own inner self in a safe and loving environment. Now Sarah Banks, she and her
Kelebek Holistic Therapies
Kelebek symbolizes my amazement at the humble caterpillar's transition from a tiny, unnoticeable chrysalis into a beautiful awe-inspiring butterfly. The emerging butterfly is not the creation of
Cheryl Colpman
Well-being is, naturally, about being well, but also having ease of movement without pain, good digestion, healthy weight, strong and healthy immune system, plenty of energy and so on. A Holistic
Sofia's Holistics
I believe that everyone needs relaxation, moments of reflection & balance in there lives to get in touch with their deepest selves and experience wellbeing that lies within. Over the years I have
Suzy Tweddle Holistic Relaxation
If you need answers involving personal spiritual matters, in love, relationships or in finances or career I will be able to help you as I give you clear understanding and explanation to the karmic
Cosmic Crystal
It also allowed me to find my potential when practising on friends and family and gain insights into how to communicate with all the crystals I had collected so far. This inspired me to continue my
Liz Seal Holstics
Our aim is to maintain good health and prevent illness, by supporting the immune system, stimulating the lymphatic system through the use of aromatherapy and other massage techniques. Holistic