Cosmic Crystal

I have been interested in holistic therapies for many years, gaining a diploma in Phytotherapy (herbal medicine) in conjunction with self study of many subjects for my own interest. My journey with crystal healing started with an introductory course, which opened up my own personal journey of healing and self discovery.

It also allowed me to find my potential when practising on friends and family and gain insights into how to communicate with all the crystals I had collected so far. This inspired me to continue my study so I could become a fully qualified practitioner and follow my true life path.

Since starting this journey I have continued my study in to other therapies to add a variety of skills to my portfolio. I am finding the whole journey inspirational with the help of wonderful teachers and supportive friends. It does not stop there I will continue with study into other forms of holistic therapies that will compliment and hone my skills, so I can tailor healing sessions to individual needs.