Joe Molloy, Shamanic Practitioner

In 1987 I found myself standing on the top of Glastonbury Tor in the middle of a large and unfamiliar group for what came to be known as the "Harmonic convergence." It was a place mark event in time, or so I learned later. And somehow I was there. Looking back, I can see how curious synchronicities brought me to meet people and to step into amazing experiences and opportunities. But back then I was less used to the interconnectedness and interdependence of the universe. Just like starting my nurse training in 1986 and gaining exposure to many different therapies because of the culture at that time, I was fortunate to be gifted opportunities to step into drama therapy, psychodrama, gestalt psychotherapy and many other modalities. Had I started my nurse training a year earlier or later this would have been different. So, I see how the universe conspires to bring a bigger picture into view.