Oriental Holistic

Oriental Holistic provides professional acupuncture treatment and other complementary therapies in City / Central London (Liverpool Street EC2M) and North London (Islington N1 & Crouch End N8).

Yoko Ohara is a qualified acupuncturist & shiatsu practitioner originally from Japan. She became interested in complementary therapies after she had very positive experiences with reflexology and shiatsu when she was stressed out. Both receiving and learning bodywork has helped her feel more relaxed, grounded and focused. Since 2002, she's not only worked in complementary health clinics in Central London and Islington areas but also provided home visits for private clients. Recently, she has been learning and incorporating into her practice "Kiiko Matsumoto style acupuncture" (a school of Japanese acupuncture), which comes from Master Nagano, a blind acupuncturist.