The Pinnacle Health

Petra Sedlak is a visionary in the field of natural health, certified Naturopath and Kinesiologist with a passion to help people to live their best life.

Petra understands successful health care system is based on integrating the emotional, nutritional, environmental, physical and spiritual components. Profound changes can happen once we find the link between our daily thoughts, beliefs, actions, emotions energy, physical health and our life circumstances.

P. Sedlak received Naturopathic Degree from The College of Naturopathic Medicine and International College of Holistic Medicine.
She attended advanced Systematic Kinesiology school in London obtaining Kinesiology Diploma.
She is currently a member of International College of Holistic Medicine and Kinesiology Association.

Petra's main mission as a practitioner is to educate the clients how to prevent disease, how to optimize their lifestyle and regain health, so they can live their life to the fullest without medication and practitioner.