The Whitstable Osteopathic Practice

Osteopathy is a holistic treatment that concentrates on the relationship between the bones, muscles, ligaments and their connective tissues. Osteopathy is suitable for people of all ages, from the newborn to the elderly, and can treat a wide variety of conditions in addition to those listed above. Although many people are familiar with the idea of osteopaths using physically vigorous methods to produce 'cracks' and 'pops' in the back and neck, this is really only a small part of the treatment and may, depending on your situation, be unnecessary.

In fact, many of our treatments are very gentle and you may feel as though nothing much is happening beyond the Osteopath's hands being in contact with your head and other parts of your body. Alan and Gemma use mainly Cranial Osteopathy, which involves light touches to the head and body; employing more dynamic techniques where appropriate. The best way gauge whether or not you would benefit from osteopathy is to speak to one of our practitioners.