Chatham Chinese Herbal Centre
We would like to give an extra special thank you to all our customers for their continued trust and support for the past 12 years. We have been honoured by Medway Council as an ambassador for retail.
The Canterbury Therapist
To cure disease after it has appeared is like digging a well when one already feels thirsty, or forging weapons after war has already begun.' No matter how you choose to express it you will no doubt
Tranquil Moments
Tranquil Moments is the name I have chosen for my business because I believe it demonstrates that you can achieve the release of tension, stress and pain as well as introducing a feeling of well being
Williams Hazel
Hello, I'm Hazel Williams and I'm a Registered Osteopath in Stansted, near Bishops Stortford. I've been in practice for over 15 years using the respected techniques of structural osteopathy and
Herbaceous - Medical Herbalist
A greeting you'll always get when coming into Herbaceous at Whitstable. A local shop staffed by knowledgeable local people, eager to ensure others from Whitstable are supplied with the very best in
Affirm Hypnotherapy
Frances at Affirm Hypnotherapy knows that there are many fears and misunderstandings about the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. These myths have been hyped up by television "performers" during stage
Jigsaw Health
Jigsaw Health is a company dedicated to help you to attain the best health that you can. A small, friendly practice, offering a range of holistic treatments from reflexology to lymphatic drainage and
Holistic Health Clinic
We are Ruth Foden and Sue Hunter. We qualified as Complementary Therapists nearly twenty years ago and since then sucessfully work in both the private sector and the NHS. We have a clinic, Holistic
Pure Bliss
My journey into the therapy world started with a part time course in Beauty Therapy NVQ 2, little did I know that my hunger to learn more would continue to this day. Immediately after this I studied
Soul Pamper Treatments
Soul Pamper Treatments offer flexible treatment times, competitive rates and a genuine commitment to help you achieve balance, tranquillity, health and well-being. Having previously worked for a
Jay Therapies
My name is Franзoise Porter and I am a qualified reflexologist offering complimentary therapies. When suffering from severe headaches I was referred to a reflexologist. I found the treatments to be
The practice was founded 7 years ago by Mario Patricio. Mario graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2005. He has worked in a number of practices in Essex, Surrey, Kent and
Wenda Holland Homeopathy
Homeopathy acknowledges the power of the physical and emotional body to heal itself, whilst developing an energized and healthy vitality. This simple form of natural medicine has been with us for many
The Bower Mount Clinic
If you are currently suffering from a painful distressing or debilitating condition then we at The Bower Mount Clinic, a renowned Osteopathic clinic in Maidstone Kent can offer you a safe, effective
Atman Clinic
The Atman Clinic was established in 1994 by Geoffrey Montague-Smith D.O., as a centre of excellence for Osteopathy and has since grown to become the premier centre for Complementary Medicine in
Core Therapies
Here at Core Therapies our aim is to provide you with a luxurious relaxing experience helping you to unwind and take time out from the hustle and bustle of our 21st century lives. There is everything
Banyan Retreat
This will be great time of learning and to experience some of the best mediumship has to offer. Wonderful experienced tutors who will also be demonstrating as well as teaching throughout this three
James Donaldson - Acupuncturist
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Jon Leigh
Health is not merely the absence of Dis-ease or pain but the positive state of balance that exists between the body and the mind of the individual. When healthy, a person will be able to respond to
Concorde House Clinic
Concorde House Clinic first opened in September 2012 and is run by Dominic Harbinson and Pippa Sequeira. Dominic and Pippa both trained as acupuncturists in 1997, and have been practising in

Someone you know have recently visited an alternative medicine specialist in Kent and they are very happy with the results they have achieved. They now feel better, probably their health issue is fully healed, they are happier. You want to feel happier and better too. In fact, you struggle with this health problem and a doctor once told you that an alternative medicine specialist in Kent can help. So you are on the hunt for a reliable and experienced alternative medicine specialist in Kent. However, finding an alternative medicine specialist in Kent is not that easy, not because there is no experienced and reputable alternative medicine specialist in Kent, but mainly because there are so many alternative medicine techniques, methods, and different practices out there that target different problems and issues. So before you make an appointment with an alternative medicine specialist in Kent, make sure you are visiting the right one. Here is a short guide to some of the most popular methods practiced by an alternative medicine specialist in Kent.

Choose the Right Alternative Medicine Specialist in Kent: Acupuncture

Hand down, most of the people visiting an alternative medicine specialist in Kent are going there for acupuncture sessions. Acupuncture is a very popular method for healing or improving a long list of different health problems and conditions. The process consists of inserting fine needles into different parts of the patient’s body depending on the targeted area. The whole point of an alternative medicine specialist in Kent of doing so is because it is believed that putting pressure on these acupuncture points stimulates nerves and muscles to release a natural pain-relieving chemical.

Choose the Right Alternative Medicine Specialist in Kent: Homeopathy

Homeopathy is, indeed, another very popular practice or method used by an alternative medicine specialist in Kent for relieving paint, healing different health issues, and improving the overall health. Homeopathy in its core is healing through the power of nature and involves using diluted natural substances for threating physical and mental health issues. An alternative medicine specialist in Kent who practices as a homeopath believes that homeopathy products have less or no side effects compared to traditional medicine treatments and products.

Choose the Right Alternative Medicine Specialist in Kent: Massage

Now, many people consider massage as spoiling yourself. However, a massage is much more than what you enjoy at the SPA. Ask an alternative medicine specialist in Kent and they will confirm that a massage can definitely be a powerful medical tool for relieving pain and stress. Professional medical massage can treat a bunch of issues and target so many different problems and it is a great treatment to physical and mental issues.

Choose an Alternative Medicine Specialist in Kent: Reflexology

Now, what an alternative medicine specialist in Kent practising reflexology would tell you is that different points of your feet, hands, face, and ears are connected to other parts of your body and internal organs. By pressing these points, an alternative medicine specialist in Kent can help you overcome different health issues and release the pain. An alternative medicine specialist in Kent can help you relieve tension, improve your mood and the quality of your sleep through reflexology. Make sure to pick the right type of an alternative medicine specialist in Kent to get the right treatment for the issues you are experiencing.