Breathe Holistic Therapy
A practicing Reflexologist based in Kidderminster, I am from a nursing background and have been involved in care with many client groups for more than fifteen years. I attained a BSc in health studies
Joe Molloy, Shamanic Practitioner
In 1987 I found myself standing on the top of Glastonbury Tor in the middle of a large and unfamiliar group for what came to be known as the "Harmonic convergence." It was a place mark event in time,
Malie Therapies
I have been interested in Complementary Therapy for many years, but it was only when my family had grown up that I decided to train in Holistic Therapy myself. Having had a session in Kinesiology I
Elysia Massage Therapists
We are a committed team who share common guiding principles and our therapeutic approach has been researched and developed over many years. We are inspired by the anthroposophic therapeutic model.
The Vitality Lounge
The Vitality Lounge is set in an spacious salon. Touches of Luxury and indulgence are coupled with clean and uncluttered spaces resulting in an opulent yet calming atmosphere. From achieving a healthy
Ford Dr Helen
I initially trained and worked in conventional medicine. However, I gradually realised that physical illness is not simply a consequence of physical causes. So I began to look into the evidence for
Zena Worral Hoilstic
Zena Worrall Specialises in sports and holistic massage to treat a wide variety of aches and pains accumulated from everyday life. Based in Halesowen, West Midlands, Zena has her own private
Jayne Sheen
Jayne is also a Reiki Master and an Advanced Energy Field Healer. Having travelled extensively over the last twenty years, experiencing and testing the techniques of many different countries, Jayne's
Aromatica Dreams
Relaxation with Aromatica Dreams Relax and unwind with an aromatherapy massage or holistic therapy treatment after a busy day. From a hot stone massage to an Indian head massage or why not try a
Lynne Mackenzie
A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, Reiki also promotes healing. Reiki is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the belief that an unseen "life force energy" flows