The Glasgow Osteopathic Centre

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Service in Glasgow.

Clinical aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki treatments and training, crystal therapy, quantum entanglement healing, energy medicine, shamanic healing and retrieval, animal reiki and healing, therapeutic horticulture and courses and workshops.

Flourish has a person centred approach, specialising in treatment plans that are as individual as you are, incorporating therapies in a down to earth way so that their many benefits can become a natural part of day to day living for clients. Therapeutic areas of expertise include massage, clinical aromatherapy, reflexology, fertility and menopause support reflexology, energy healing and metaphysical medicine, including reiki and crystal therapy, and shamanic healing.

Flourish also provides holistic therapy services to the animal kingdom, specifically Reiki sessions. Specifically qualified in Animal Reiki Practice and certificated by SARA, the Shelter Animal Reiki Association to support holistic health for companion animals.

Flourish facilitates Usui Reiki Training Courses: Level 1 – Introductory, Level 2 – Practitioner and Level 3 – Master and Master Teacher Training, including one to one tailored training.