Xandria Williams
Xandria Williams runs CanSurvive Resource Centre where the motto is "we treat people - not cancer". It is a health care practice based on a CAM (Complementary, Alternative and Metabolic) approach to
Ching Holistic Health
Hello, I'm Ching To, Cofounder of Ching Holistic Health. I am passionate about holistic health, I work as an advanced integrative holistic therapist specialising in expert massage therapy, body work,
Natural Fusion Reflexology
Experiencing pain in specific parts of the body can be both uncomfortable and frustrating. Reflexology treatment focuses on the belief that certain areas of the feet directly relate to regions of the
Trevor Reeves
Welcome to the website of Trevor Reeves, ND, DO, LicAc, a healthcare practitioner who has over 25 years experience of successfully treating peoples' health problems. Here you will find information
Wellbeing Physiotherapy @ Clapham
This month we celebrate our 6th Birthday & in celebration of this we have some exceptional offers over the range of our therapies which you can see here. Plus we have some exciting give-aways in our
Viviaceae Wellness
For as long as Vanessa remembers she has been interested in wellness and holistic health. Vanessa has been holistically treating individuals of all age ranges with nutrition, massage and naturopathy
Chelsea Ayurveda
My name is Geeta Vara and I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner offering Ayurvedic health consultations and treatments. Ayurveda is not only my area of expertise but a true passion that I wish to share with
Geeta Vara Ayurveda
An authentic Ayurvedic consultation with Geeta will give you an in-depth health, medical, diet and lifestyle assessment using traditional and modern techniques to diagnosis your health status and pin
Vaill Of Health
I am trained in all of the above, as well as acupuncture, exercise prescription and dietary management. Osteopaths treat the person not the condition. I have a BSc (Hons) in Osteopathic Medicine and a
You may have been to your doctor and tried everything conventional. Going down the "natural" route and addressing the root cause, not just the symptoms, might just be the answer. As a trained