Stort Physio
All our clinical staff have the expert knowledge, skill and expertise to actually identify the cause of the problem. As specialists in Applied Physiotherapy it is our ability to diagnose
My name is Chrissy Gray, and I have been working as a complementary health therapist in Cambridge, UK since 1993. I have helped many people reach levels of increased health and well-being, making it
Craniosacral Therapy Cambridge
In this video, my teacher Franklyn Sills talks about the origins of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and the training I did at the Karuna Institute, Devon, UK. Yes - but not exclusively as also the
Salus Wellness Complementary
Salus Wellness is a warm and welcoming complementary health centre located in the heart of Cambridge, near the Grafton Centre. At Salus Wellness you will find a large team of complementary health care
Reiki With Jodie
Working with Jodie is a joy, she is good at what she does and after each visit I have had noticeably, positive changes. Jodie is nothing less than a miracle worker. I was a long-term sufferer of
Glenys Collings brings with her a wealth of skills and knowledge following many years experience as a nurse. During that time she treated acute health problems, managed chronic diseases, specialised
White Feather Holistic Therapies
Regardless of who you are, or where you are in your life, when we work together the only focus will be to bring you back into harmony and balance with your mind, body and spirit. This process will
Thierry Clerc
Thierry grew up in an environment where natural healing was the norm. Both are widely provided under the French public health system as a therapeutic approach. At that time he was enjoying a
Cambridge Chinese Medicine
The Cambridge Chinese Medicine clinic is situated on the back of 452 Milton Road, in a peaceful and quite area. The clinic setting has its own character, full of tradition and culture. Chinese
Raphael Neu Homeopathy
Homeopathy is a safe, holistic system of medicine that stimulates the natural healing force of the body. In use for over 200 years, since its discovery by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in Germany, homeopathy