The Pinnacle Health
Do you feel you deserve better health? Have you tried everything without real results? What do you want your body and brain function to be like in 20 years? At The Pinnacle Health practice, we focus
Active Bryant Systems
C.H.E.K Master Practitioner Hi, I’m Scott Bryant, and my approach to health, fitness, and wellbeing is through the body as a system of systems. When working with my clients I use a comprehensive,
Natural Fusion Reflexology
Experiencing pain in specific parts of the body can be both uncomfortable and frustrating. Reflexology treatment focuses on the belief that certain areas of the feet directly relate to regions of the
Trevor Reeves
Welcome to the website of Trevor Reeves, ND, DO, LicAc, a healthcare practitioner who has over 25 years experience of successfully treating peoples' health problems. Here you will find information
Ms Gerd Lanninge
Chiropractic treatment involves the adjustment of bones to restore the correct alignment and balance in your body. Avenue Health was recommended to me by a friend. My back started to cause me a great
Holistic Lightworker (Tarot Holistics)
I have been providing professional Tarot readings for over 10 years and a Tarot enthusiast for much longer! I do not like labels and so I define myself as an eclectic/solitary witch with Pagan
Wellbeing Physiotherapy @ Clapham
This month we celebrate our 6th Birthday & in celebration of this we have some exceptional offers over the range of our therapies which you can see here. Plus we have some exciting give-aways in our
Xandria Williams
Xandria Williams runs CanSurvive Resource Centre where the motto is "we treat people - not cancer". It is a health care practice based on a CAM (Complementary, Alternative and Metabolic) approach to
Balham Chiropractic Clinic
Since we began our providing natural healthcare care in South London in 1999, our reputation and practice has grown steadily largely due to the recommendation of many satisfied patients. We are now
Ching Holistic Health
Hello, I'm Ching To, Cofounder of Ching Holistic Health. I am passionate about holistic health, I work as an advanced integrative holistic therapist specialising in expert massage therapy, body work,