Cherry Smith
My name is Cherry Smith and I am a practising homeopath. Originally, I qualified as a biologist at London University and taught biology for many years. Then I discovered the wonders of homeopathy and Natural Healthcare Clinic
We aim to diagnose the constitution rather than the symptom, we endeavour to engage health challenges by influencing the ultimate causes need-to-exist whilst avoiding the pull to merely identify and
The Osteopathic Clinic
Welcome to the Osteopathic Clinic of Physical Medicine, a prestigious and widely respected multi-disciplinary practice set in the South East. Our company was founded in by Paul Morrissey, an
Just Holistic Therapy Rooms
Just Holistic has a fantastic team of therapists, with an extensive collection of qualifications & experience. Our 'Therapists' & 'Therapies' pages have a large degree of information which will
That's where Eszences can help. Our Health Screening can identify potential problems and we can work with you on a tailored health or weight loss program to improve your health and vitality using the
Nina Pearson
This site has been planned to give you information about myself and the therapies I work with. I have been working in the field of Complementary Medicine for twenty-five years and have been a part of
Home Homeopathy
Ear Eruptions in ear, closure of ears, itching of ears, hypersensitiveness to noise, chronic and acute, suppurative ottitis media (inflammation of middle ear), discharge from ear, pain in ear
You Holistic Therapy
Advanced clinical & remedial massage therapist specialising in headaches and migraines, neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, hip and pelvis pain, carpal tunnel and RSI. Maternity reflexologist and
At ALTERMEDIC, we integrate the time-tested principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the latest advances in the Conventional Medicine to create effective health and wellness plans. We
Caroline Jurdon Homeopath
With many people seeking a natural way to enhance and maintain their health, it is reassuring to know that homeopathy provides such a system. Homeopathy can help with conditions ranging from minor to

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