Future Health Management
These chronic health issues affect the quality of life of thousands of people in today's modern world. The underlying cause of these health issues can often be difficult to identify and many people
Chiswick Acupuncture Clinic
Having completed extensive training in China, founder Maureen Cromey was the original and first to establish a purpose-built clinic in Chiswick, some 26 years ago in 1986. Now the most established
Chiswick Chinese Medicine Clinic
Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), a 3000+ year-old medicine, is the most widely used medicine in the world, involves the practice of holistic therapies including Acupuncture, Massage and Herbal
Dr Andrew Greenland
Dr Andrew Greenland has provided a practical fusion of traditional and alternative medicine providing the back bone of health vigour and performance for people from all walks of life. He is my first
Nadia 4 Life UK
Searching for a way to relieve a wide range of aches and pains, muscular-skeletal conditions or just the everyday stresses of life? For an effective and affordable holistic treatment range in West
Wellbeing & Nutrition
Nutritional therapy aims to optimise health and wellbeing by encouraging the body's natural ability to heal. The link between diet and health is becoming firmly established and the rise in obesity,
Alternative Living Nutritionist (London)
Nutritional therapy is an alternative medicine seeking to identify & relieve the underlying causes rather than masking symptoms. Our centre provides diagnostic testing, dietary advice &
Natures Way London
Welcome to Natures Way Paddington where traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, effective natural massage therapies combine to promote holistic health. Our highly experienced professionals are
Homeopathy By Maya
I originally trained as a herbalist in my native country, Switzerland. This, and raising children, is helping me to understand and help clients of all ages and backgrounds. I am particularly
Ingefleur Homeopathy
Mothers and babies are treated together at Ingefleur Homeopathy as their health is so intertwined. This is the case whether you had a caesarian or natural birth, whether you breast feed or bottle
Earthbeat Healing & Craft Studio
Welcome to my practice: The place, where you can feel relaxed, receive treatments or enjoy learning something new in a warm, friendly atmosphere. I facilitate change through Holorhythmicâ„¢ Therapy,
Kensington Therapy Centre
We are therapists in London who offer a broad spectrum of holistic therapies, operating as therapy treatments specialists with therapy treatments ranging from Acupuncture to Swedish Massage. All
Fertility Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine aims to harmonize the body's natural balance, treating the cause and the manifestations (ie pain or symptoms) to promote and maintain health. Acupuncture treats you, the
Eve's Beauty & Holistic Salon
Eve's salon has been established for many years. We offer a wide range of beauty and holistic therapies which are non - medical alternatives for many beauty, health and stress related problems. We are
Michael Francis
Your health and wellbeing is absolutely essential to ensuring your daily and lifelong deeper, authentic happiness. Whatever your chosen path for improving wellbeing, regular treatments, classes and
The Acupuncture Post
Day studied in Japan, China and the UK. While living in Tokyo, Day studied Zen Keiraku Shiatsu at the Iokai Shiatsu Centre. After three years in Japan, and in order to further his studies, he attended
Ealing Acupuncture & Shiatsu Clinic
Ealing Acupuncture and Shiatsu Clinic offers Chinese herbal medicine, Shiatsu massage and acupuncture in Ealing, West London. In my practice, I take appointments for only one person at a time. In the
Dr Friedrich Staebler
By inserting fine, pre-sterilised and disposable needles into the channels of life force energy, an acupuncturist can help the body to optimise its own healing response, and thereby re-establish