Golden Health & Well-Being
Naturopathy is a holistic system of health care that aims to identify and treat the root cause of disease within the body, rather than merely suppress or alleviate any presenting symptoms. It
Chadderton Acupuncture
Chadderton acupuncture is a private practice run by Ella Dunbar (PhD, BSc) a qualified acupuncturist and naturopath. The practice is located in a quiet residential area (private house extension) in
Chinese Medical & Skin Centre
Chinese Medical & Skin Centre was established in 1997 by two senior consultants from Tianjin, China’s third largest city. Since then our company has set up clinics in the North West and has treated
Bodywise Natural Health Centre
Yoga and movement classes to increase flexibility, energy and calm your body and mind. See our studio calendar for the next yoga courses and movement classes. Do you need to unwind or find some
Phoenix Holistics
My name is Jackie Furby and I am the owner of Phoenix Holistics. I offer a full range of therapies in a peaceful and calm environment to help you feel totally relaxed and revived, restoring balance to
Balanced Body
Behind it all was the idea that we wanted to help people to become more spiritually aware and at the same time provide a very friendly and welcoming service to them. We also felt that it was important
Partnering Oneness
At the heart of Manchester city centre is the amazing holistic therapy clinic, Partnering Oneness. Treat yourself, your family or friends to a treatment and it's a decision you will never, ever
Balance Acupuncture
The theory of Chinese Medicine states that body and mind are intricately connected. Therefore, an unbalance in our emotions is a sign that an organ is trying to communicate to us that something is not
Ashwood Healing Clinic
Welcome to Ashwood Healing Clinic and Bowen Therapy of Manchester with clinics in Manchester, Chorlton, Stockport and Enfield, London as well as a mobile service! Being in pain with your back,
Holistic 360
Holistic 360 provides self-development programs, training, therapy, life coaching and holistic treatments. Our trainers, coaches and therapists are aim to ensure that our valued customers and
Fourgates TCM Acupuncture
I am a graduate in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the University of Salford, and I am licensed to practice acupuncture treatment in Wigan, Warrington, Chorley and Salford Metropolitan Borough
Clarendon Private Clinic
The Clarendon Clinic in Swinton has helped thousands of residents in Swinton, Salford and Manchester with Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Massage, Hypnotherapy etc for over 35 years. Established in 1978
Ayurveda Northern Approach
Helen has learnt Ayurveda from a western prospective and studied with Indian Ayurvedic doctors to achieve and understanding in Ayurveda. She has worked with and learnt about Ayurveda and applied it to
Wilbraham Holistic Centre
Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine which assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. It is based on the Law of Similars. This means that a substance which causes symptoms of
Want To Change
Hello and welcome, my name is Jeremy and it is my passion to help others. If you are here then there is something in your life you probably want to change and I can make that happen, quickly and
Inner Light Wellbeing Centre
The Inner Light Wellbeing Centre provides a range of complimentary therapy treatments and training course in a relaxing environment and atmosphere. The Inner Light Wellbeing Centre is owned and run by
Natural Weight Loss
If the answer is yes to any one of these questions then I can help you lose weight forever. First your session with me will focus on raising your self esteem and helping you become a more confident
Alternative Medicine Clinic
We are an alternative health clinic based in Stockport, Cheshire offering support and guidance on alternative medicine and a wide range of complementary therapies. The aim of the centre is to
We work closely with various professional organizations in the UK and EU, including RCHM, ATCM, AACP, BAcC and many more. Our global cooperation makes Herbprime a leading European supply network, to
I graduated from Sheffield university with a Ist class Honours degree in speech science and immediately took up a post with Bolton NHS working with both children and adults as a speech and language